Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Very Stylish Blog Award

Mateja over at Indulging Life is such a sweatheart.  If you haven't had a chance to check out her blog, you really need to.  She has passed on an award to the Little Kitchen!!  The Stylish Blogger Award!  Thank so much Mateja!!  There are some rules that go along with this award...

Following the rules of the award, I have to:

1. Thank and put link back to the person who gave me this award.
2. Share 7 things about myself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and personally tell them about the award.

Okay, so I linked everyone up with Indulging life at the top, I will do it again for safe meassure!

Now to share 7 things about I have to think....
  1. I am addicted to Food Network...of course I have the Canadian version so we do get some shows a season behind my friendly Americans.
  2. Almost all my travels as of the last few years involve baseball of some form, either going to Major League games with friends or watching our son play.
  3. My most favourite place on earth is the family Cabin.
  4. I adore side trips while driving to tour farms and factories and any place that will show us around!
  5. I need to get out more and see the local food scene in Winnipeg
  6. My boys and my sisters are so precious to me...even when they drive me nuts.  They drive me nuts because I love them and I love them because they keep me sane....does that even make sense?
  7. I enjoy food blogging more than I ever thought I would.  I have to remind myself that it is a hobby and I still have other things to do!
Okay, that wasn't too bad...was it?

Now for 15 bloggers to pass this on many to choose from!!

Rich at Oil and Butter
Leanne at Healthful Pursuit
Ivy at The Happy Whisk
Gareth at Stumptown Savoury
Akheela at Torview
Toby at Plate Fodder
Chef Dennis at More Than a Mount Full
Carlyn at All Day I Dream About Food
Travis at Trav's Gone Gluten Free
Kimberly at Kimba's Kitchen
Kate at Diethood
Steph at Steph's Bite by Bite
Chris and Amy at A Couple In the Kitchen
The Chemist at Wilde in the Kitchen
Ang at Life Given, Eat Well

I wish allmy blogging buddies all the best!
Until next time, stay warm and eat well!


  1. Thanks so much, Lori. It's really nice of you to think of me. Much appreciated.

  2. Thank you Lori for sharing this award with me I will add it to my awards page
    congrats well deserved

  3. Thank you so much Lori, what an honor! I hope you have a great night:)

  4. Congratulations on your award! I hope you'll receive more in near future...

  5. THANK YOU!!! Lori, I'm soooo happy that you thought of me! I really appreciate it and I feel so honored. Thank you!

  6. hi Lori
    congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me, I am honored!!
    I love learning more about our online friends, thats one of the best things about these awards, thanks for sharing those fact about yourself!

  7. Congrats on your award! And I love the fun facts!!! :)

  8. Congratulations and thanks for passing it along to me! And you can call me Vicki :)

  9. Our first award! Thank you so much! We are honored. And we will be checking out the other winners! Since we're new at this, are we meant to pass it along as well?

  10. Congratulations on your award!

  11. Lori, thank you so much for including me as an awardee! I am honoured. You certainly deserve yours as well.

  12. Lori, Congrats on the well deserved award! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us to let us know you better:D Have a good weak ahead of you.

  13. I really liked your post, hopefully this post is useful for me and other readers. keep the spirit and success always


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