Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time for a Jog!

Hi everyone! Where does the time go? Busy times are happening with this new hip! I returned to work mid February and am adjusting the days. Learning to incorporate my walks and exercises into a work day along with dinner and household things really started to kick my ass. At times I still get so fatigued I need a nap, stat. That's normal, I ad surgery. At the same time I am learning to push my limits enough to get stronger, but not too much to drain me. March proved to be quite difficult emotionally for me due to losing one of my best friends to cancer. Fucking cancer. I did get a chance to let loose over spring break with my friends in Las Vegas. That was a blast and needs to happen again! I It has definitely been a mix of tough times and triumphant times. I am not feeling like talking about the tough times right now, maybe later.  For the time being let's talk about what happened last week. 

 This coming Friday will mark my 30 week hipaversary, which makes last week, 29 weeks....

Last Tuesday, I jogged for the first time in 15 years!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Jogging, running, faster than walking...... That was so freaking exciting!!! It was was scary too.  I didn't want to try it at first. I'm a bit of a baby like that.  So scary. I have to trust my new hardware (and my athletic therapist)! He was right there beside me, encouraging me every step of the way (and ready to hit the stop button)! Of course, at first I thought he was crazy for even suggesting it! After a brief warm up walking, I ran for 30 seconds, walked for 30 seconds...and so on for 5 minutes. In total it was only 2 1/2 minutes of running but it felt like a marathon. Felt triumphant. 

I think the smile (and messy hair) says it all!

 It felt like the best thing in the world. I celebrated with high 5s all around and some tears and texts in the car. Since then, I've run 2 more times. The most recent one being this morning. Still feels good. 

You know you worked hard when your hair looks like this after!

So that's a peek at what has been going on, getting into routines, adding new things, and keeping on!

Until next time, stay warm and keep moving!