Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Routines

Now that I am able to move, I love moving! Not from one house to another, but getting up and doing things, walking, outside, to the gym.  Holy shit. Who said that? To the gym? 
It's true.  Three times a week I have been making it to the gym. And I kind of enjoy it.  I keep up with the gym so I can practice the running on the treadmill. I haven't been cleared for running on the ground yet.  On gym days I treadmill for 2 km, 5 minutes of that is the running 30 sec, walking 30 sec for 5 minutes that I started 3 weeks ago!! 
Three times a week, I walk between 5 and 6 km outside. And I really enjoy it.  So let's see, that is 6 times a week I am getting out there and exercising.  Getting my cardio on! Getting my strength on!

Yes, this is a walking at the park selfie....I did 6 km this day!

At this point you are in your right mind to assume my body has been snatched and replaced by some alien life form.  You would be wrong though.  The mere fact I can do these things actually brings a tear to my eyes. Seriously. If someone, anyone, told me a year ago today that I would be able to run on a treadmill next year, I'd laugh in their face and tell them to fuck off. (While waving my cane at them!) This hip replacement really has been a new lease on life. I feel better, I move better, I am doing everything I can to keep it that way.  I even get anxious when plans come up that might interrupt my walks, or my gym time....

New shoes!

In the last few months I have probably have spent more money on runners and work out gear than anything else (besides groceries...I still love food!)

My Sunday morning routine has become my morning at the gym. It is quiet at this time. I can usually get everything I need to get done then I have the day left to do whatever. 

This is my Sunday morning now!

What has changed? Why this 180? Because I can. It really is that simple,  I can do it.  Of course, I still need a little help....

What helps? There's a list of what helps:

1)  Support. Hubby and the Boy are great at making sure I have a car to make it to the gym and to my athletic therapy appointments. They encourage me when I'm frustrated, push me when I need it, and remind to slow down so I don't do too much. I have some fabulous friends who encourage me and congratulate me on my little victories.  Speaking of little victories, I can officially tie my own runners! Sounds small, but it's been years....really. 

2) Athletic therapy. Not just the therapy, but the support and encouragement of my athletic therapist. He seems to know when I'm ready for more weight on the leg press, or to attempt running. (Or when I should take it easy..)  He supervises me, makes sure I do thing properly, and provides the nastiest deep tissue massage. Ever. (Yes, it hurts like a son of a bitch, but you know what? It works.)

3) Proper foot wear.  I have spent a lot of money on shoes lately. First I bought new cross trainers after surgery. Just last week I bought actual runners. Meant for running. They are gloriously comfy. Next pay day, I will buy another pair. 

4) Proper clothing. This may sound odd to some and a no brainer to others but having workout clothes that you feel comfortable in is important. Not everyone wears the same thing. I prefer compression capris and layered tank tops...but that is just me. Rock what is best for you. 
Also, Sunday mornings, getting dressed in my work out gear when I get up helps get me out the door. I'm already dressed for the work out, may as well go do it!
5) Tunes. You got to have the right tunes for you, with ear buds or headphones that you like. Seriously. Once I found the right earbuds, it changed how I listen to my tunes. I can't use the apple earbuds, they are too uncomfortable. I like the Boes earbuds. They cost a little more, but I love them. 

6) a Mantra.  Find one. Stick with it. Find a bunch of mantras. Stick with them.  This one is my favourite

Thanks for reading and for all the encouragement and support you have given me!  Have a great week!

Until next time, stay warm and keep moving!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Time for a Jog!

Hi everyone! Where does the time go? Busy times are happening with this new hip! I returned to work mid February and am adjusting the days. Learning to incorporate my walks and exercises into a work day along with dinner and household things really started to kick my ass. At times I still get so fatigued I need a nap, stat. That's normal, I ad surgery. At the same time I am learning to push my limits enough to get stronger, but not too much to drain me. March proved to be quite difficult emotionally for me due to losing one of my best friends to cancer. Fucking cancer. I did get a chance to let loose over spring break with my friends in Las Vegas. That was a blast and needs to happen again! I It has definitely been a mix of tough times and triumphant times. I am not feeling like talking about the tough times right now, maybe later.  For the time being let's talk about what happened last week. 

 This coming Friday will mark my 30 week hipaversary, which makes last week, 29 weeks....

Last Tuesday, I jogged for the first time in 15 years!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Jogging, running, faster than walking...... That was so freaking exciting!!! It was was scary too.  I didn't want to try it at first. I'm a bit of a baby like that.  So scary. I have to trust my new hardware (and my athletic therapist)! He was right there beside me, encouraging me every step of the way (and ready to hit the stop button)! Of course, at first I thought he was crazy for even suggesting it! After a brief warm up walking, I ran for 30 seconds, walked for 30 seconds...and so on for 5 minutes. In total it was only 2 1/2 minutes of running but it felt like a marathon. Felt triumphant. 

I think the smile (and messy hair) says it all!

 It felt like the best thing in the world. I celebrated with high 5s all around and some tears and texts in the car. Since then, I've run 2 more times. The most recent one being this morning. Still feels good. 

You know you worked hard when your hair looks like this after!

So that's a peek at what has been going on, getting into routines, adding new things, and keeping on!

Until next time, stay warm and keep moving!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To Work

Today I returned to work. (Gross)

 I dragged my butt out of bed in the wee hours of the morn, showered, did my hair AND make up, for dressed, ate my breakfast, and walked to work. I am starting back half time so I did get to leave at 11:30 but I also had to go see the mean athletic therapist this afternoon. (I joke, he isn't all that mean, he is just pushing me and add new scary things to my going back to work and hopping).

Hopping? WTF?? Yes you read that right. I get to hop on one leg and that includes my new hip leg! I have to trust my new hardware. (I told him 'I trust the hardware, it's my muscles I don't trust')... I did ok considering I haven't jumped, hopped, or skipped in YEARS!!!  Forward, backward, step/hop.... So much with the hop.... I will let you know if something snaps.

With the waking up early, working, therapy, and new exercises I am pretty tired. I used skip the dishes to order dinner, cuddled with the cats and watched a movie tonight. (House to myself, yo!)

Another exciting thing? Today I registered for the Colour Me Rad 5k at the end of May.... I don't have to run it. It is a non timed fun event.... I'm so excited. I registered just because I can! Eeeeeee!

Until next time, keep warm and keep moving!

Friday, February 12, 2016

I Over Did It

Today I learned 4 km on the treadmill and all the new fancy exercises the athletic therapist have me to do is most definitely too much for me to do in one day. I seem to have some swelling tonight. My toes even fell asleep (I had checked with the surgeon before and he said that was a sign of swelling inside my leg and pressing on a nerve). I also have some swelling around the scar from the incision. It's  all good though. Now I know to save the long walks for non strengthening days. 

What's that you ask? That is me using the leg press. How much weight is on there? 100lbs!  (AT started me at 90 on Tuesday!) Legs are stronger than you think!

Some other strange strengthening exercise the AT made up.. 

There's more but I can't take pictures of me stepping and hopping... It looks bad enough when I'm concentrating.

So there we have it. I now know and knowing is half the battle. (Listening to your body is he other half)

Until next time, keep moving and stay warm! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Of Them?

Today I have a dentist appointment for my check up and cleaning. Exciting stuff.... Because there's a risk of infection with a simple cleaning (if the gums bleed or weird things happen) I have to take antibiotics. This is because if an infection occurs, it will go to my new hip and cause all sorts of issues.... This is my exchange with the pharmacist this morning:

Pharmacist: 'so, take all 4 pills an hour before your appointment'

Me: 'all of them? Is that going to cause bowel problems?' (Will it make me shit my pants?)

Pharmacist: 'ummmmm, it's a lot at once so take it with food. Everyone is different ....' 

Soooo yeah.... I just ate and took all 4 of these...

My belly is already making gross rumbly noises..... 

Stay warm and keep moving!