Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New X Ray Day!

This morning was my follow up appointment with the surgeon.  I am happy to report things are coming along just fine! The prosthetic is fusing properly with the bone and is working just the way it was meant to!

Woot woot!

Of course I have my x rays to show you! What kind of hip replacement blogger would I be if I didn't have x rays to show off?

TA da! 

Dr Surgeon did remind me that I will continue to have some frustrating times during rehab. He remembered how bad my hip was before he got at it and knew I had severe mobility issues. He even pulled up my old x Ray and said 'that was bad!'.

This one..... Is no more!

I am walking better than I have I years, still with a cane, but that is temporary. The surgeon was right, I do have lots of work ahead of me. There are days muscles on that left leg yell at me. They complain about the 'new work' and 'new movements' now available to them. Lefty is moving they she was finally meant to, she just protests every now and then. It will take time for my muscles to change and get used things. 

This is how my left leg was before surgery.... Off to the side!

Here's my leg 6 weeks post surgery.

What. A. Difference. 

Knees pointing forward!  To me these are huge changes! I am feeling muscles stretch that haven't stretched in years!  Yay me!

Walking, as I mentioned, is going well. I make to the Tim Horton's and back with my tea in the mornings. This works because the sidewalk on Main Street has been cleared of snow so I can easily walk. I wish my neighbours would shovel the city sidewalk in front of their houses so I could venture out after it snows. (Most Canadian said I've said lately!)

Woot woot! Keep warm and keep on moving!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pat On The Back!

Pardon me while I brag for a minute. It dawned on me that I should be using the Map my Walk app again to keep track of what I'm doing. All my psychology training tells me that seeing your progress on a chart or some other visual form is rewarding enough to keep going. Since I started using the app this week, this is what I've done:

Not too shabby at all. 5 weeks post total hip replacement, with crutches.  Mind you, my pace is slow but the point is, I'm able to actually do this. No pain in my hip.  Not even in the rain! I will slow down a bit more when I fully transition to the cane, but again, I will still be moving and I will keep going! 

I even braved a couple of craft sales with an awesome friend and had a great lunch outing with her today! 

Woot woot! 

Bragging is done, thanks for bearing with me!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Being sick sucks at the best of times but it sucks even more when you are recovering from major surgery. Your body is already working hard to repair itself but wait, let's throw in a cold virus too! Don't get me wrong, I love to nap, but I also want to get out and get my walks in and keep this hip moving! 
Here's the biggest problem when sickness strikes post hip replacement.... If it morphs into an infection if any kind, it can also infect your prosthetic hip. Infections can travel via the blood stream and since my hip is healing, extra blood is circulating there, the infection can actually collect around the prosthetic and infect the bone that is supporting it.... Holy. Shit.  

Two Fridays ago. I woke up with a cold. I was so paranoid, I called the doctor, and went to have it checked out. He was so good about not making feel stupid for calling him over a cold. He checked me out and sent me on my way with the knowledge that he was on call that weekend should things get worse. 

Last Friday I woke up and could not hear out of my right ear. There was also intense pressure and pain in the right ear. Soooooo, I definitely called the doctor again and this time, he said my ear was gross and full of puss.... Yuck! 

I have been on antibiotics ever since. The most ginormous pills. Ever.  That's my one step back.  

I have also been napping more and whining about my ear....the boys love that.... My only issue now is my paranoia about the hip and infection. Every time I feel a twinge of pain (just regular post surgical stuff) I panic....

Now for my 2 steps forward: On the awesome side of things, I have been walking 1 km, 2 times day! Still using the crutches on those long walks, a choice supported by the Athletic therapist! Especially since it has been raining making everything wet and slick. Around the house I use the cane or I just hobble! 

Today's session at athletic therapy felt good. Really good. I squirm lots, and complain about the massage, but have you ever has scar tissue worked on?  I also worry about moving my new hip too much but seriously, some of these muscles haven't moved that way in years! A proper hamstring stretch where my leg actually goes the way it is supposed to is huge! I still get suprised when I see my left leg doing what it was meant to.... I think my athletic therapist gets a kick out of that. I know I do!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Moving Right Along

The ability of the human body to heal itself never ceases to amaze me. 

Here I am, 4 weeks post total hip replacement and I am walking around the block (with crutches). Hubby tells me I am walking faster at this point than I was 4 weeks pre surgery! Athletic therapist says he is transitioning me to a cane next week! Woot woot! 

There are still a whole whack of things I am working on and I am doing my best to keep the little frustrations at bay. Hubby is so good at calming me down, so is the AT, I know that each person is different and their recovery will be unique. I need reminders that my situation pre surgery does indeed affect my recovery. I wasn't even able to lift my leg up pre surgery from a lying down position before, so why would I suddenly be able to do that now? The surgeon cut through all of muscles on that side of my hip, so of course I'm going to have trouble with moving for a while.... Baby steps!

I will be able to switch to my cane shortly, but I don't want to fall and cause any issues at all. I am doing my exercises, going for walks, and attending my athletic therapy.  Last week I rode a recumbent stationary bike for the first time in years! This week, I was able to pedal twice as fast as last week, and for 20 minutes!

Here I am getting out the other day to scrunch some leaves!

So much excitement is happening. 

The Boys are cooking fabulous meals to keep me nourished! Turns out, they are awesome cooks!

The staples came out and my scar looked soooooo ugly. It was gross. I even asked the nurse if he would take a picture of the staples for me..... 

This week, it looks skin is healing. The muscles are healing.  I am moving and the only pain I feel is surgical healing type of pain.

So. Much. Good. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

This Shit Is Fixed!

Fixed and recovery is in progress!  Sorry I haven't update you lovelies sooner. I have been sleeping. Lots. Like, so much. Everyday I say "I really need to do a blog post" but then my peeps get here to look after me, make sure that I eat, take my pills, rest up, and don't do anything stupid, which is difficult considering I am on some pretty good narcotics! I even have a sample of my texting prowess while under the influence...

Yup! Hubby saved this one and posted it on Facebook! Soooo funny. 

Surgery went well. Really well.  Both feet now face forward! Woot woot!  I seriously thought people were lying to me when they said I would wake up from surgery and there would be no hip pain.  Well, they were right. The only pain that gets in the way of anything is surgical pain and even that's been kept to a minimum with proper medications and rest. Doctors are well aware that excessive pain will hinder recovery so they try to avoid as much pain as possible. I like these guys!

I really want to write a longer post that bores you with the whole story of surgery day and my hospital stay, but I really wanted to give you a quick up date. Let's see where Where this takes us.

I am currently hobbling about with crutches. Sometimes I move live a fish out of water, but I'm moving. My left foot faces forward because my left femur is actually sitting in an acetabulum of its own. No more of this free floating femoral head shit.  That shit is fixed! 

All in all, my hospital stay was fantastic (except for the food, but that's another post and rant altogether). The doctors, nurses, and health care aides were all fantastic. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. The care they provided me exceed all expectations. I even tried to convince one of the aides to come home with me. I even had my own room. Talk about luck! I slept so well. Once the door to my room was closed for the night, I was down for the count. I couldn't have asked for a better set up. They even said to me on the Monday, 'you could go home today, if you wanted, but we don't need the room tonight so you can stay until tomorrow if you'd like.'  I have never heard of that before. I actually chose to stay! My. Own. Room!  I went home the next morning around 9am when Hubby picked my up.

Hubby and the Boy have been out if this world looking after me! Reminding me to watch my precautions, drugging me, tucking me in, monitoring swellings driving me around town. 

My sisters have been awesome too! So have my nephews abs dad. Little nephew will snuggle in bed with me and watch his nursery rhymes. He also loves to bring me my water bottle. 

My fabulous friends also pitch in. They come to 'Lori sit' when both my boys are at work, bring me lunch, and come to visit.  

There is so much awesome going on, I could explode. But I won't. 

Monday my staples come out. Thank goodness because the incision is starting to itch. 

I think there's 33 staples....we will count on Monday!

I know I still have a long road ahead of me, but so far, I have been truly blessed.  

Now that I have bored you with happiness and sleep, I need a nap....or some more binge watching the Mindy Projecf on Netflix....

Also. I will work on my boring hospital story! 

Thanks for being there everyone! Love you all.

Quick flashback to the days of the dreaded cast!