Thursday, October 1, 2015

Let's Get This Shit Fixed

Tomorrow is the big day.  This is happening!  New hip day is here!

There comes a point when the 'what ifs' just don't matter anymore.  In reality, the what ifs should really be debunked and left behind, but if you are like me those sort of things haunt your thoughts way too often. 

Especially on the eve of a life changing event. 

I do call this hip replacement a life changing event because it is a life changing event. 

This is a problem I have had since birth. I have literally gone from being a brat in a body cast, to being a brat with a cane.... Sure, after the initial body cast and recovery, I have had a fairly active, normal life. That being said, I have spent the last ten years slowly retreating from the activities I love due to pain, discomfort, and fatigue. It is quite the thing to rethink a fun outing becase there will be too many stairs, too much walking, the chairs won't be right, or the toilets might be too low.... Seriously. That's what happens. Two years ago, Hubby suprised me with a fabulous spring break cruise and I still feel bad about how much napping I did and how little I was able to explore the cities we visited. 

I have inadvertently alienated myself from many people and fun things.  Not intentionally.  But it happened nonetheless. This sort of thing just adds to the stress. 

No matter what life has dealt me over the years, I have persevered. Whether it be a physical impairment or emotional strife, I have made it through. We have made it through. (With the help of some very special people). Family and friends really do make or break any difficult time. Sisters who calm me down when I need to vent, Hubby who calms the panic, the Boy who knows just how to make me laugh, and friends who build rails, text and call and just help encourage me, including my blogger buddies.... 

I love you all so much. 

We have been through so much this year. 

It only gets better from here!

Let's get this shit fixed!

I will let you know how it goes!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

One Week to Lift Off

T-minus 1 week..... Panic has set it.  That overwhelming feeling of "things I should do/prepare before surgery" is here and I am choosing to ignore it.... Well, the best I can anyways.  One week without that Vimovo has proven difficult. Tylenol does help take the edge off but my hip joint is ouchers. I am even using my cane in the house, and at the gym. Athletic therapy yesterday was easy peasy. He didn't make me do anything. Not even the treadmill. I got a 'light' massage and some joint mobilization. The big bad athletic therapist then sent me on my way. I made an appointment for the week after my surgery but for now I am done there. He told me to take it easy this week, but to make sure I stretch and move the joint as much as I can, without overdoing it. 

Being in pain makes you tired. Being tired makes you more tired. Does that even make sense? 

By this time next week, all will be said and done. The new hip will be in and I will be on the road to recovery. The road to activity, movement, dance lessons, running, travel.... Anything is possible!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Don't Be a Tool. Use Those Tools

Right now life is about making shit easier. Let's take the struggle out of everyday tasks, all in the name of energy conservation and pain management. Especially since I had to stop taking the Vimovo. I was actually curious about its effectiveness but now that I am on the two week pre surgery Tylenol only stint, I know exactly how well that Vimovo worked! Holy shit balls people. Holy. Shit. Balls. 

There are many tools out there to help make things easier. Tools that extend your reach, help put your clothes on, tools to help you shop..... basically if there is job or task, there is a tool to make it easier! I am quickly learning these tools are my friend!

For instance, this funny looking device:

This funky looking things is a sock aide! You slip your sock on it, put it on the floor, put your foot in, pull the straps and voila! (It also works for tights!) To be completely honest, it has probably been about 2 years since I have been able to put my own socks on.  This means that either Hubby puts them on my feet or the Boy does.... They are so good to me. (Side note, I felt so bad about getting Hubby to cut my toe nails, I now go for regular pedicures...such a sacrifice!)

Load the sock...

In goes the foot...

Pull on the straps..... TA da! I even bring this thing to the gym with me so I can still wear sandals outdoors while the weather lasts!

Amazing!  For so long, Hubby was actually putting socks on my feet for me. I mean, if we are in a rush, he still helps because this does take some coordination and time. 

I also have this fantastic grabber tool. I can use it to help pull up my pants (because who can reach the floor these days? Not me!), I can bug the cats or the boys with it, or grab the phone and remotes when they are on the other side of the couch! Be warned, if you do get 'too annoying' with it, your loved ones will take it away.... D'oh!

Today I 'broke down' and finally agreed to use the electric scooter cart thing at Costco. You know what? I should have used it sooner. Don't be a stubborn so and so like me. Use all the tools available to you. We actually haven't had to buy too many items because many are on loan, but the ones we did purchase are well worth it. 

Beep beep!

11 days to go!

My favourite tools right now are the fancy new rails in my front steps built by a fabulous friend, Hubby, and the Boy!

Aren't they lovely? They are also so sturdy that if a fight broke out on the front steps, they wouldn't break!

Don't be a tool!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fifteen Days to Go!

Guess what? I just took my last Vimovo before surgery. You may be asking what the hell I'm talking about. You see, 2 weeks before surgery, I have to stop taking all non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. Vimovo is a fun mix of 500mg naproxen and 30 mg Zantac. I have been taken 2 a day for a long time. Don't get me wrong, I also take a while hell of a lot of Tylenol as well... Keeps me moving. It will be interesting to see how far I get once I stop the Vimovo.... A little apprehensive about it (scared) but we will see what happens...

I will keep you posted. 

15 days....