The Little Kitchen

The Little Kitchen is located smack dab in the middle of the Canadian Prairies (well okay, maybe slightly East of that).  We get cold bracing winds with lots of snow in the winter and hot sunny days in the summer (well, ususally).  On a regular basis, The Little Kitchen feeds 3 of us for meals and snacks...the 15 year old eats way more than both his parents combined so it does seem like we feed more than that.

I work full time outside of The Little Kitchen but enjoy baking, cooking, and sharing ideas with others.  This is where this blog comes into play.  I have a penchant for doubling baking recipes and I do like to tinker with original recipes and come up with my own versions.  Blogging has helped me keep track of what I have tried and forced me to finally start organizing my recipes!

You may be wondering how small my kitchen really is....well if the words galley kitchen don't bring to mind cramped quarters and narrow aisles then perhaps a few pictures will help.  When someone opens the oven door while there is another person in the kitchen, it is customary to holler 'watch your bum'!

 This is the view coming up from the basement and the back door.  If you notice the missing cupboard is the door to the baking supplies which at times gets left open.  This causes a person to walk into it repeatedly.  Apparently this isn't good for the hinges....mental note.....get Hubby to fix that....

This is the view coming into the kitchen from the hall.  I put a folding table under the window to help with Christmas baking and as extra counter space for things like cupcake orders.

I feel I need to comment on the curtains here.  These were salvaged from the family cabin.  My Mom made these for the girls bedroom at the cabin and there is a ton of sentimental value to them....that is all.

The view from the bottom of the stairs going to the second level...basically the corner of the kitchen.  There is a large pantry cupboard right behind where I am standing to help store all things kitchen!

The white cart usually sits alone in front of the window but with the extra table there, it is pushed all the way to the side.  It is a useful cart and again, helps hold all things kitchen.
That is really all there is to the Little Kitchen.  It is a small space but we make the best use possible of it.  Renovations are in the plans but that is still further down the road.  I will definitely have to post about kitchen renos, when they do happen!


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    1. Hi Maurina! Thank you for visiting! I hope you get to try the strawberry rhubarb cupcakes...they are fantastic!

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