Friday, June 10, 2016

Hot Dam, It's Hot! (When Compared to Winter...not complaining...just an observation)

It is a hot one out there today!!  I waited to go for my 6km walk until almost 8pm and it was still 32 Celsius.... There was a breeze to help but the humidity was high was a hot walk.
When I got home, I grabbed my stretching mat and went to the back yard. The shad e was right and the breeze was better. 

Even had a fast (for me) 3rd km! Woot woot!!!

Eventually I did put the sprinkler on and run through it like a was so dam fun. The water was frigid. Make you shiver frigid.  It was just what was needed to I could go sit in the hot tub to relax.  All I. All it was a great way to celebrate 36 weeks of new hip madness! I even dared a leap or two through the water.... Such fun!!!

Until next time, stay cool and keep moving!