Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back To Work

Today I returned to work. (Gross)

 I dragged my butt out of bed in the wee hours of the morn, showered, did my hair AND make up, for dressed, ate my breakfast, and walked to work. I am starting back half time so I did get to leave at 11:30 but I also had to go see the mean athletic therapist this afternoon. (I joke, he isn't all that mean, he is just pushing me and add new scary things to my routine...like going back to work and hopping).

Hopping? WTF?? Yes you read that right. I get to hop on one leg and that includes my new hip leg! I have to trust my new hardware. (I told him 'I trust the hardware, it's my muscles I don't trust')... I did ok considering I haven't jumped, hopped, or skipped in YEARS!!!  Forward, backward, step/hop.... So much with the hop.... I will let you know if something snaps.

With the waking up early, working, therapy, and new exercises I am pretty tired. I used skip the dishes to order dinner, cuddled with the cats and watched a movie tonight. (House to myself, yo!)

Another exciting thing? Today I registered for the Colour Me Rad 5k at the end of May.... I don't have to run it. It is a non timed fun event.... I'm so excited. I registered just because I can! Eeeeeee!

Until next time, keep warm and keep moving!


  1. Very cool that you get to go back halftime. And congrats on signing up for the walk/run.


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