Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Of Them?

Today I have a dentist appointment for my check up and cleaning. Exciting stuff.... Because there's a risk of infection with a simple cleaning (if the gums bleed or weird things happen) I have to take antibiotics. This is because if an infection occurs, it will go to my new hip and cause all sorts of issues.... This is my exchange with the pharmacist this morning:

Pharmacist: 'so, take all 4 pills an hour before your appointment'

Me: 'all of them? Is that going to cause bowel problems?' (Will it make me shit my pants?)

Pharmacist: 'ummmmm, it's a lot at once so take it with food. Everyone is different ....' 

Soooo yeah.... I just ate and took all 4 of these...

My belly is already making gross rumbly noises..... 

Stay warm and keep moving!


  1. Did it work? Did they give you probiotics to balance out the damage that is often done from anti-biotics?

    1. it must have worked. They did not give me probiotics but I hade some already at home. Everything turned out well and I didn't even shit my pants!


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