Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kenya Update

This evening I got an email from the Boy!! The email said only this:

"hey guys, we finally made it to Africa after some rocky landings and what not. the only downside is that none of us have our luggage so it's going to be a fun day tomorrow. say hi to everyone for me.

Yup!  Typical teen boy. Give as little detail as possible but still able to instill some amount of panic.  No luggage?  I had this bad thought yesterday when I saw the ticket agents handing out these bright yellow tags that said "group" on them....you know, "so your luggage will be grouped together'.  Perhaps they would have been better if some of them got their luggage then they could share things such as SUNBLOCK....
Have you seen the pictures of the Boy? He is a pale, sun sensitive ginger type of kid.  His hair isn't as red as it used to be but all the freckles and such are still there.

Here's the Boy attaching that lovely yellow tag!
See that pale skin on his arm? He needs his sunblock!!
 EF Tours sent me the number to call for information and they are going to help me out with info regarding the group's bags. (of course I will have to wait until regular business hours to call the number, which they tweeted at me)

I am off to calm myself and continue with household painting projects. (Yesterday was the bathroom, today I'm moving on to the living room.)

Until next time, stay warm and eat well. (and keep an eye on your luggage)


  1. Good luck with that luggage stuff. Yikes.

  2. "He is a pale, sun sensitive ginger type of kid". Best. Sentence. Ever. My goodness.

    I love places who are on twitter, and use it effectively, so awesome. Not so awesome on the luggage misdirect. Sheesh.


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