Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Hipmas and a Hippy New Year!

I do believe the snow is here to stay! In the last week Mother Nature has more than made up for the lack of snow. I am forever grateful for the extended nice weather so I could walk outside as long as I did. The last few days have got me using the treadmill at the gym. I do find the treadmill extremely boring but I can walk pretty darn fast (for me) on that thing. 

While our sidewalk clearing has been pretty darn fast, there's now a layer of icey snow and mushy snow. Your foot never seems to find traction. Oh well, I will keep on moving whether it is inside or outside. 

Today's walk was cold but my fastest kilometre outdoors in ages! 

We had a low key, quiet Christms here in the Little Kitchen. Christmas Eve was board games and movies. It was quite fun.  Holiday Fluxx was awesome! Christmas Day, the 3 of us ventured out to the movie theatre to see my long lost love, Star Wars.  We awakened the force! I am a Star Wars geek and have been forever. This was awesome. I am a traditionalist with my Star Wars and do not speak of the 3 movies that shall not be named. Ever. Except there.  That was it. It was an awesome movie that has returned to the proper roots of The Star Wars story telling genre.  Loved it. 

Only true Star Wars fans have this measuring cup set waiting under the tree for them!

In the mean time, stay warm and keep moving!


  1. Great picture, Lori. Love it.

    We have ice today but no snow yet. I'm in the lab working on fun things. Muwhahaha.

    I do a treadmill at home. And since I have to go slow and only walk for now, I place my tablet screen on the treadmill and watch educational documentaries about food, cookery shows (not with commercials) and bake show (again, not with commercials).

    It's how I feed my brain as I walk.

    1. Thanks Ivy!
      Love this idea... I use the treadmill at the gym and there's a tv with the subtitles turned on and it is amusing because too often, the wrong thing is typed across the bottom... I could totally watch something on my phone or bring my iPad! Get my nerd on at the gym!

    2. I love it because it's my learning time but I also get my digestive going by walking.

  2. PS: But when I'm strong enough to run or jog, I put on music.

    1. I do plug into my tunes whenever I walk, some times it is all I can do to keep from singing out loud for everyone to hear...

    2. Music is fun. And I've sung at the same time, too. Though I do mine at home, so I can sing happily and badly.

      Rice flour is the correct answer. I award you three fried jalapeno-seasoned frog legs.



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