Monday, June 6, 2011

Honey Dijon Chicken

So I had a slight panic attack all started with an afternoon snack with the Boy.  We noshed on some fabulous garlic sausage (from HMG Meats and Deli), cheese, and pickles....oh those pickles.  The pickles were in a bowl....somehow the bowl wound up upside down on my laptop with pickles and pickle juice all over the keyboard.  Ack!!  The Boy should just be kept away from electronics!! It was a complete accident.  What to do, what to do??  First I turned the power off (I am told to take the battery out but I couldn't get the battery out) then put the keyboard portion in rice.  That's right, rice.

Things seem to be working well.  There was one moment of panic when I first turned it on and every now and then the keys won't move too easily but then a piece of rice pops out.  I am still finding some pieces of rice here and there but all is working!!  Whew!!

FYI, this rice trick also worked when my Blackberry fell in a puddle!!

Tonight's easy peasy dinner involved minimal dishes and the BBQ again!

Honey Dijon Chicken, adapted from Food Network.  You will need:
  • Dijon mustard
  • Runny honey
  • salt
  • pepper
  • olive oil
  • zip top freezer bag for marinating

First:  In a zip top freezer bag mix equal parts Dijon mustard and honey.  Add some salt and pepper and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Mix it all up and add some chicken pieces, seal up the bag and move everything around so the chicken gets all covered in saucy goodness.

Make a foil pouch and drizzle in some olive oil.  Toss in some veggies.  Tonight I had some baby potatoes so I used those.  You can use carrots, beans, asparagus....whatever you have.   Add a pat of butter for good flavour and a pinch of salt and pepper.

Toss it all on the grill.

I do love a Monday night means I can get my toes in the grass and enjoy some time outside.

It's a new BBQ so I am still learning the hot spots.

Until next time, stay warm and eat well!!


  1. I think I could actually hear your voice explain the spill and then the after-math of the rice popping up out of the keys. Was it meant to be funny? Cause I was giggling :) In all seriousness, that does stink when those things happen. I love all the BBQ fixins. I'm so excited for the yummy summer time food. Yippi!

  2. Pickles on your laptop? Thats awful, I would have freaked out too. I'm very impressed that the rice was able to fix it! I'm jealous of your outdoor grilling, I wish I had a backyard! The food looks great!

  3. Having chicken for supper. Nom nom nom.

  4. Just to clarify in case you are thinking of trying this at home - the rice should be *uncooked*.

  5. The chicken looks so yummy! As for the keyboard, at least now if you get a vinegar craving, you can just suck on your keyboard :-D

  6. hmmmmmmmm... looks so yummy... can I have some please hehe...

  7. MMMMMM! Love dijon chicken!! That sounds like a terrific meal... I want some! :)

  8. I am not a big fan of BBQ but I will definitely BBQ the dijon chicken for my Quay Lo. He love BBQ anything.

  9. that chicken and those potatoes are calling my name .... btw cute little toes too!


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