Sunday, June 10, 2012

Your Salad is a Jar

What is with all these jars??
 I have another confession. I have become addicted to Pinterest. It is such a quick way to share and browse ideas and let me tell you, I have found some very neat things on Pinterest and these include ideas for the garden, the kitchen, and even ideas for work. One of these neat ideas, Hubby and I put together tonight for lunches this week! There have been some pins about using mason jars to layers salad ingredients for a quick and tasty lunch. Once assembled, the jars of salads are supposed to keep all week so you can make one for each day on Sunday, then all you have to do is grab a jar, some fruit and yogurt to go with it and you are set! We are trying this out for the week, even though I am going to camp with the grade 8s, Hubby will test the jar theory out for the week.

Wash out your jars so they are ready to go!

We splurged and bought new jars for this one!
 Once you get everything organized, washed, and chopped assembly goes fairly quickly.

We made both a lemon vinaigrette and a balsamic vinaigrette so we didn't have the same dressing the entire week.
Hubby seems to be having fun making his salads!
 After putting a couple tablespoons of vinaigrette in the bottom of the jar it is time to let the layering begin!!

 It is important to put the heavier/more sturdy items in the bottom of the jar so the dressing won't wilt the more fragile items.
 Keep the layers coming!

  Wrap an elastic band around the jar and tuck a fork underneath it (even a napkin!).

Store in the fridge for your grab 'n go lunches!! Remember to leave room so you can shake your salad up at lunch time.

Other things I've been up to (and may or may not have been found on Pinterest):

Growing celery from the end of the stalks.

Once the leaves are up, plant the entire bottom into the soil!
Freezing chicken with marinade in the sealer bag so it can flavour up while it thaws! (I also did this with a large pork loin which I was able to cut into 12 generous chops and 2 fair sizes loin roasts!) We are getting the freezer filled!
This is a ginger honey lime mixture....kind of looking forward to it!
I will get back to you and let you know how the mason jar salad experiment turned out.

Until next time, stay warm and eat well!


  1. Lori, please take charge of my entire life. I know you would make it better. I bask in your glory

    1. So sweet...just remember, I got this idea from Pinterest and just put it into action.

  2. Wow. Looking forward to your salad report, and definitely trying to sprout celery!

  3. I keep meaning to try this salad-in-a-jar thing! Would be so handy! Looking forward to hearing how it all turns out. PS> I'm super addicted to Pinterest too. *hehe*

  4. That is fun. Love the fork on the outside.

  5. such great ideas! thanks for sharing! :)


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