Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog Cake....More Cake Walking: A bonus post!

Ok, it is Thursday night already and I just couldn't wait to share more cake.  This one was especially fun to make!! This cake was my first ever shaped cake!  Hubby asked me if I thought I could make a hot dog shaped cake for his boss's birthday.  They have a tradition at his work where they go to Costco for hot dogs for lunch.  The request for this cake was to have his boss's favourite hot dog toppings.  This cake took planning, drawings, and some research I mean watching "Ace of Cakes".   My biggest fear for this cake was delivery...would it hold up or fall apart?  It all held together and I am told everyone enjoyed the cake.

the 'naked dog'

One of my challenges was getting the fondant icing colours the right shade.  It was also fun to mix and knead the fondant and play with the colours.

The 'bun' was actuall y2 cakes that I baked in loaf pans.  I turned the loaves on their sides with the bottoms together and cut out the notch to rest the wiener.

The weiner was actually 3 twinkies with ends trimmed and iced together, then rolled in fondant.

I continued to play with fondant colours so I could make the different toppings.  This was actually a lot of fun attempting to make things like pepper rings, ketchup, and relish to top off the giant dog!

The ketchp and mustard were both buttercream icing.

The relish was green icing gel with chopped up yellow and green jelly beans mixed in!

The onions are white chocolate chunks

The Jalapenos and pepper rings are all cut out from fondant.

This cake was fun to make.  I especially enjoy people's reactions to it.  "That's a cake?"

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