Friday, December 3, 2010

Racing Through Cake Week!

My nephew loves Hotwheels cars so much that when I asked him last year what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, the answer was an undeniable, "A hotwheels cake pease Anty Wori"  And really, who am I to say no and deny this adorable little guy the cake of his dreams?  Challenge accepted!!
  1. Bake 2 round cakes
  2. Trim off a small bit of the edge of each cake to make it flat and so they will fit together
  3. Use one of the pieces you trimmed off the round cakes to form a bridge that will complete the figure 8 race track.
  4. Crumb coat your cake with a layer of icing.
  5. Roll out the fondant and gently cover the cake.  Take care to smooth out the fondant.
  6. Using the pans as a guide, cut out a template for a figure 8 racetrack to use as a tracer.
  7. Roll out the black fondant and use the template and a paring knife to cut it out.
  8. Gently lay the track on the cake.  Brush a tiny bit of water on under the black fondant so it will stick to the fondant below.
  9. Roll out the yellow fondant.  Using a paring knife, cut out some small yellow dashes to use as traffic lines.
  10. I then printed out the logo, cut out the letters and used them as a tracer.  Using a paring knife, trace the letters and the flame portion of the logo in the fondant colours of your choice.
  11. Rember to use a small brush of water to help the fondant pieces stick to each other.
  12. Wash up a couple of cars to put on the cake!
 This year my nephew has asked for a monster truck cake..... I am still in planning mode but I will let you know how it goes!


  1. Impressive! My son is another hot wheels fan too. If I able to make this for his birthday, he will ecstatic for sure ;-)

  2. Fabulous job! This looks amazing.


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