Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maple Syrup Taffy and Other Yumminess

Tonight the temperature dropped to -35C (with the windchill) so we decided to go back to the Festival du Voyageur....what were we thinking???  To be quite honest, we were thinking about food.  The line to the food tents were so darn long on Monday, we decided to give it a try tonight.  Luck was on our side.  We go to Voyageur park about 10 minutes before they opened, got a nice close parking spot, in the actual parking lot, and were some of the first people in the park!! 

Hubby and I opted for some Tourtiere, which came with beans and a bun.  We decided on no gravy on the tourtiere but in the end we probably should had gravy.  The tourtiere was a bit dry, but still tasty.  The beans were nice and hot with a bit of a sweet maple note to them.

The Boy had the Voyageur breakfast.  This was a big piece of ham with fried egg on a bun, served with maple syrup and some crepes.  He made his sandwich with the egg and the ham and proceeded to dip it in the maple syrup...he adored the sandwich and proclaimed the crepes to be some of the best he has ever eaten.

After dinner, we HAD to have some maple syrup taffy!!  This is one of my favourites!  Boil up some of the tastiest tree sap on Earth, pour it onto some clean snow, put a stick on one end and press it in.  Wait a few seconds and start rolling up your taffy....soooooooo goooood....this is why the line ups are so long!

 Hot maple syrup!!
The waiting is the hardest part!!
Roll it up!
Ready to eat!!

Maple syrup taffy is a sticky sweet and a little bit chewy.  So incredibly good!!

Dinner was in a tent so it was warmer than the outdoors and there was a live band on the stage to keep us entertained.  Honestly, the band wasn't all that good....the boys enjoyed when they switched to the speed metal type of music....French speed was interesting to say the least.

We also had a chance to visit some of the other things we missed on Monday due to long lines. 


Such as the black smith's cabin

And the tee pee to learn some things about the aboriginal ways of life!

We did have fun tonight, despite the cold....I still haven't had any poutine yet during the Festival but I will be back on Sunday.....Yes....Sunday, the poutine will be mine!

Until next time, stay warm and eat well!!


  1. I could totally picture myself there during this entire post. You pulled me right in explaining every detail leaving me wanting......baked beans??? Not sure why that stuck out so much:) Anyway, what a great evening.

  2. We are drooling with envy. What FUN!!!

  3. Wow maple syrup on snow! What a fun and yummy treat :)


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