Friday, March 25, 2011

On The Road, Again: Road Trippin' Day 2

So we woke up after a decent night's sleep in Omaha to this:

The exact stuff we drove some 10 hours to get away from....sigh....while it still is warmer than home and some things are looking green, there is still snow.  Apparently St. Louis is expecting more snow this weekend!  I wonder if the baseball tourney is still on? The lovely people here in St. Louis have arranged for the team to have an indoor spot to work out tomorrow morning!

In other happenings in the wonderful world of road tripping includes this:

That's right....the check engine light!  Really??  At first we assumed we hadn't tightened the gas cap enough so we tightened and shortly after the light went out....then it went back on and has stayed on.  There is a dealership close by so we will have it checked out.  We have a long drive home and we don't want anything to go wrong. Perhaps they just need to re set something and that's all....I am keeping my fingers crossed.

It rained off and on for the bulk of the drive into St. Louis.  It kind of felt like a longer drive today, but it wasn't really.  Rita (our GPS) took us on an interesting route that wasn't an Interstate....We're not too sure why she chose this route, but she did.  The traffic once we got back onto the I70 was enough to drive me absolutely insane.  Cars kept braking and even came close to a stop....for no reason! Enough about the weather and the long boring drive!  What did we eat today????

Breakfast was a nice (and free) breakfast bar at the hotel.  It was quite the all inclusive type of thing with everything from waffles, oatmeal, toast, yogurt, fruit, cereal, and even eggs, sausages, and potatoes.  All the various fixings for each of these items was available as well!  We also were able to nick a couple of granola bars for the road! Sweet deal I tell you!

At lunch we pulled into a Sonic drive in.  Once I was able to read through the menu, I went with the basic burger and fries.  Hubby had a burger on Texas looked good but was so large, he couldn't eat it all.  After this quick in-car meal, we got back on the road!

This Texas toast burger was huge! Hubby didn't even finish it!

Dinner tonight was the California Pizza Kitchen....sorry folks, no pictures of that meal but it was soooo good.  We split a Cobb salad and a Sicilian thin crust pizza.  Very tasty indeed!

Until next time, stay warm and eat well!


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the ride home. I've never eaten at a Sonic before, but the picture of the burger looks good. Have to find me Sonic and give it a go. Now that I'm not a veghead anymore, it's a treat to try these things. Thanks for the picture.

    Safe ride back and yummy wishes your way.

  2. I can't believe that it is snowing:)) Wow..and that sandwich looks mouthwatering!!! Yummy!

  3. I woke this morning thinking about that Sonic burger .....


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