Friday, July 24, 2015


Summer break seems to whiz by!  I haven't been too busy, but I did have a busy weekend (2 weekends ago... I am slow at posting these days, apologies) My mother in law and I drove to Swift Current, Saskatchewan for no other reason than to surprise her friend at the Farmers' Market. I did fairly well with the driving and sitting, mostly because I have to stop at almost every gas station to pee.... Yeah, I have to restrict liquid intake on driving days. We stopped in Moose Jaw and found a cute little shop and had lunch. We had a great time. I'm glad to have my mother in law as a friend. 
The other awesome thing about last weekend, was my sister, the one who lives in Calgary, decided to make the 4.5 hour drive with her 21 month old to come visit. That was fun. It was great to see her and spoil my nephew for a day! That kid is cute. For some reason, little kids seem to love playing with my cane...

He is adorable!

I have taken a few days to catch up on sleep and putter around the house. That's what I officially call it.  Putter.  Hubby had the awesome advice of making a list of I want/need to do.  Then I am supposed to start a timer and work for 10 minutes, then sit for 10.  It seems weird at first but it seems to help. I got frustrated with myself Monday evening. I want to get my gardening and weeding done all at once, but I can't.  The pain starts and the frustration sets in, then I have to sit. I hate asking for help because gardening is one of my escape activities and asking for help means it isn't me doing it... 
So puttering it is, with many breaks.  I know it won't all get done, but I will get something done.  I hope! 

This week I attended two pre surgery classes.  One on nutrition and exercise, the other on pain management.  They were well done, but I don't know that I need another copy of the Canada Food Guide more than I need someone to slap food out of my hand....  I am the youngest person in thes classes by about 20 years. They all look surprised to see me there. 

Learning to pace myself and feels like I'm getting shit done seems to be the key right now. I'm working on it though.

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  1. Just keep on puttering! I wonder if we would all be better off if we could divide life between equal amounts of work and rest.


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