Saturday, August 1, 2015

One Long Day

Hubby and I got back from taking the Boy to the airport. Normally this would not be such a taxing event but this venture started yesterday evening. The cheapest way to fly the Boy to Tucson, Arizona was to drive to Fargo, North Dakota. His first flight left this morning at 6am so that meant leaving for the U.S. yesterday, staying at a hotel for a few hours, getting up at an ungodly hour, and taking him to the airport. We did manage to putter around Fargo for a bit, but with the Canadian dollar being in the shitter, we didn't really do much shopping, more looking and less buying.  That's ok, we weren't even in the States for 24 hours. We did manage to make it back to the city to make it to Hubby's Grandma's 96th birthday dinner.

After all of that driving, puttering, and getting up so darn early, I am wiped and the pain has set in, and is here to stay for the night. I did manage to take all of my meds, and even kept on top of the Tylenol today but my hip adductors really tightened up and the pain is here. This is too bad, my athletic therapist loosened those up just the other day.  

A nice soak in the hot tub when I got home helped as did some stretches, but sometimes, it just needs to rest.  Unfortunately, pain causes fatigue and fatigue enhances pain. It is a nasty cycle. 

For those wishing to see what the hip adductors do, check out this link:

My issue is generally caused by the outward rotation my leg makes at the hip. My femur rotates away from my body so instead of my foot facing forward while standing or walking, it faces towards the left. This puts strain on those adductors. My AT works hard to release and losses those up and let me tell you, of all the torture he puts me through, the only time I have cried is when he works on the adductors. Holy. Shit. I walk so much better the next day and it is worth it but I dread the days he asks 'what are we working on today?' (Or 'what don't you want me to touch?!') and I know the answer is 'my hip adductors'. Hate doing it, but it helps.  We don't want those things pulling my new hip out of place!!!

For those asking, the Boy is in Tucson for his leadership training with the wonder folks from Me to We.

He is going to have so much fun!!

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