Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Scan Day

Yesterday I ventured to one of our fine local hospitals for the CT scan of my hip. I was impressed with the how quickly I was in and out. I was early (as I like to be so I can get the car parked, pay, find my way to the right spot...blah, blah, blah.)  They called me in well before my time and I was out still before my scheduled appointment time! The most uncomfortable part was when the lady asked me to put my heels further apart and point my toes together.  'Hey nice lady, my left leg does not stay that way.' You know what she did? She taped my feet together!!!!! I mean, at least I could relax a bit and not worry about moving, but it was weird. I wish I had thought to have my phone with me so I could take some photos, that wouldn't have been too weird, would it?

The surgeon ordered the scan to make sure there is enough bone in my acetabulum for him to use his funky spherical drill on.... He essentially needs to build a proper acetabulum for my new hip because I don't actually have a proper socket to begin with. Gross! The day I asked the surgeon how he deals with such a shallow acetabulum, he started to describe the cheese grater drill thing......ew.  If there is not enough bone, he has ways to deal with that but he will need to order some special material to build the acetabulum, so the scan was needed. 

Anyways, the scan is done. Now on to finding someone to build railings for my front step!

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