Monday, August 17, 2015

Tough Days Happen

Not going to lie to you guys, yesterday was a bad day. My pain was through the roof!  I spent extra time in the hot tub (good thing the weather cooled off a bit). Hubby helped me stretch and even dug his knuckles into some tight muscles. Sometimes certain muscles just tighten up and throw me right off balance, literally. Even after hubby got out of the hot tub, I continued to let my self float for a while. Floating just feels good! My left leg not only felt like it was turning out more, it was literally being pulled into my midline by over tight adductors...ouchers! I even took this lovely photo of my legs to show you! The right leg is straight and braced on the bench but the left let is being left to its own floating devices.

This second photo, my legs are both floating. See how that left foot points outward? Up! Something just ain't right!

Ultimately, this will get fixed when the new hip goes in. Unfortunately, this means lots of muscle work for me after as my leg muscles re adjust to the proper position of my hip and finally having forward facing toes! Oh what fun!

Double unfortunately, this causes me to become quite anxious and worrisome about surgery, making it another 7 weeks, the 2 weeks prior that I am unable to take my meds, pre hab, re hab, recovery... You get the idea. If my brain could conjure up a bad idea, it did.  Having that happen is soooooo tiring. I even had my nap back in bed, none of this napping on the couch shit for me! 

I also had to wrap my head around the wheel chair we rented.  Yup. You heard me. Wheel chair. Not for everyday use, but to help us get through. We are going to a huge comic con coming up that has multiple floors of nerdery for us to indulge in and I don't want to slow the boys down nor do I want to miss anything because I am too much pain.  For some reason, I let the wheel chair bother me and my ego.  I did the same thing when I started using a cane.... It is there to help me be able to get out and about and keep going.  Keeping the positive thoughts going today. Coffee with a friend was very therapeutic today! So was getting out Saturday night! Lots of things to be thankful for!

I am so lucky and thankful to have a Hubby who is doing so much to help me and make sure I am ok.  He is awesome at being awesome! Thank you sweetie! 

Wish me luck!

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