Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Did I Make The Right Choice?

Sometimes that little voice in my head really messes with me.  Yesterday marked my first official 'sick day' from work. I decided to take the month of September off in preparation for the hip replacement surgery which happens October 2nd.  That silly little voice tells me I'm crazy.  That I should be at work. I can handle it. So then I feel I need to prove myself by 'getting shit done'. Needless to say, this means I over do it.

 Every. Damn. Time. 

Seriously. I went to the mall to get my voting issues in order. (Turns out I could actually vote early yesterday, so I did). Next I decided on my last full pedicure before surgery. I say last full pedicure because I won't be able to have pretty polish on my nails for surgery. After that, I ventured off to the grocery store.  This was my fatal error.  I found a loonie in the car, got myself a cart, and did too much.  Too much wandering, too much meandering, too much pushing a cart, even packing my own groceries...throws the whole body off. When I got home, the Boy brought the groceries in but I still wanted to go get the mail.... A short walk I assure you, but sometimes still too far...
Once inside, I cleaned the kitchen and made a huge batch of homemade chicken noodle soup while putting the groceries away. The Boy has been sick and the homemade soup was  definitely needed.  

I then promptly fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours! Holy shit! We are talking out like a light!  So if I ever need a reminder that being off work right now is a good idea, this is it! The after effects of doing too much included taking too much Tylenol and not being able to sleep last night. I couldn't get comfy. 

My hip kept yelling at me. 

This means I slept until 10am this morning and I have most likely thrown my entire sleeping pattern off. Damn it! I need to be at the hospital for 8am Friday! That is going to me painful!

We will fix that hip good!

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