Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Month to Go!

I am both nervous and excited to be getting my hip replacement. The big day is fast approaching. There's this list of things that need to be done looming overhead. (Okay, this list is entirely made up in my head and most likely completely ridiculous but still it looms!)  Completely stupid things like organizing the linen closet and being all caught up on laundry. Why? Because family and friends will be around to help me out and heaven forbid they see what the inside of my linen closet actually looks like. Goodness gracious, I hope no one goes into my basement!!! Ack!! Or the spare room upstairs.  Shit!!!  
I will be the first to admit that I am not a fussy house keeper. I let a lot slide. My house is definitely lived in. As my mobility issues increase, I have to ask for more help and let some things go. For instance, my garden is so over run, I can't see through the tomato vines to get ripe tomatoes. An indoor example? I don't vacuum and mop as often as I used to (I have never vacuumed or mopped as often as I should...). 

I swear the Boy thinks I am crazy for wanting to get these types of things done.  I think it will just make me feel better about letting people help me if my house isn't a complete disaster before they get here. I can't explain it. I mean I don't mind a layer of dust and the cat hair just comes back again anyways. Who the heck knows what is going on in my pre surgery mind?!?!? Panic. Panic about being reliant on others... 

To be honest, I am noticing I am having more trouble getting around the house and the yard. I'm even using my cane more often in the house, which is something I haven't been doing. Today I walked into the living room and my wonky hip forced me to 'curve left hard' and I just about fell... Yeah. That sucks. Big time. When your left leg rolls out to the left like that, your body has a tendency to follow... This means we need to keep floor clutter to a bare minimum, including cat toys.  Sorry kitties. My handy dandy reacher tool works well for this! 

I have been laid up with a nasty chest cold since we returned from Chicago. I have been literally doing almost nothing so I'm probably just feeling bad about sleeping and resting so much. The urgency to get shit done is setting in. 

I also need to get cracking on my exercises. Stretches and strengthening of the hip muscles is very important and will help with my recovery. I can walk for 20 minutes on the tread mill when I have the rails to hang onto but I can hardly walk a block. Come on new hip day!! The urgency effect is here, let's get this done!!

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  1. Wishing you much good health, with your upcoming new hip.


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