Thursday, September 24, 2015

One Week to Lift Off

T-minus 1 week..... Panic has set it.  That overwhelming feeling of "things I should do/prepare before surgery" is here and I am choosing to ignore it.... Well, the best I can anyways.  One week without that Vimovo has proven difficult. Tylenol does help take the edge off but my hip joint is ouchers. I am even using my cane in the house, and at the gym. Athletic therapy yesterday was easy peasy. He didn't make me do anything. Not even the treadmill. I got a 'light' massage and some joint mobilization. The big bad athletic therapist then sent me on my way. I made an appointment for the week after my surgery but for now I am done there. He told me to take it easy this week, but to make sure I stretch and move the joint as much as I can, without overdoing it. 

Being in pain makes you tired. Being tired makes you more tired. Does that even make sense? 

By this time next week, all will be said and done. The new hip will be in and I will be on the road to recovery. The road to activity, movement, dance lessons, running, travel.... Anything is possible!

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  1. Anything is possible, for sure.

    Here's to gettin' it done and healing up.


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