Sunday, November 29, 2015

Just Keep Moving.

Woot woot! Feeling good today! 2 km walk, all in one go, with only a quick stop to get a tea at Tim's! Also, the first km was a post surgery speed record! 

Also, I've been able to get the yoga mat out and get some stretching done on the floor! Man the hammies like to protest on that left side!! I even managed some downward facing dog to stretch he backs of legs and shoulders!! Felt good. I found lefty stays in the correct position and I can get a good stretch his way.  

Rewarded myself with a nice long soak too! It is a gorgeous day out! (I can even get more stretches done in the hot tub! )

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather! Stay warm and keep moving!
One more thing, this week's walk report! 

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  1. This is MOST excellent news, my friend. Most excellent, indeed.


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