Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New X Ray Day!

This morning was my follow up appointment with the surgeon.  I am happy to report things are coming along just fine! The prosthetic is fusing properly with the bone and is working just the way it was meant to!

Woot woot!

Of course I have my x rays to show you! What kind of hip replacement blogger would I be if I didn't have x rays to show off?

TA da! 

Dr Surgeon did remind me that I will continue to have some frustrating times during rehab. He remembered how bad my hip was before he got at it and knew I had severe mobility issues. He even pulled up my old x Ray and said 'that was bad!'.

This one..... Is no more!

I am walking better than I have I years, still with a cane, but that is temporary. The surgeon was right, I do have lots of work ahead of me. There are days muscles on that left leg yell at me. They complain about the 'new work' and 'new movements' now available to them. Lefty is finally moving as she was meant to, she just protests every now and then. It will take time for my muscles to change and get used things. 

This is how my left leg was before surgery.... Off to the side!

Here's my leg 6 weeks post surgery.

What. A. Difference. 

Knees pointing forward!  To me these are huge changes! I am feeling muscles stretch that haven't stretched in years!  Yay me!

Walking, as I mentioned, is going well. I make it to the Tim Horton's and back with my tea in the mornings. This works because the sidewalk on Main Street has been cleared of snow so I can easily walk. I wish my neighbours would shovel the city sidewalk in front of their houses so I could venture out after it snows. (Most Canadian said I've said lately!)

Woot woot! Keep warm and keep on moving!


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