Friday, November 27, 2015


Yesterday felt like a banner day at my athletic therapy appointment for many reasons. I left feeling on top of the world.

1). I was able to walk up the stairs to the second floor using opposite legs,  I did not single leg up the stairs. It felt good. Soooooo good.  

2). the bike ride was smooth and it took less time to work out the kinks. I got a good sweat going and I forgot to check the tension so it was a pretty good leg workout.

3) While the deep tissue massage portion was ouchie, and I do swear at and may even have threatened to pinch him back, he gets the knots out and gets that leg mobilized. Let me clarify the pinching part, apparently it is part of the work on the scar tissue.... He is breaking up the scar tissue from the giant incision made to replace my parts. Small price to pay to get someone to touch your butt....I mean glutes.

4) The stretching (with lots of help and pushing by my therapist) went well. We did a stretch we haven't done in ages and he even added a new one. To be honest, I accused him of making it up because I was pretty sure a body shouldn't be stretched or moved like that. He pushes me and I need it because I punk out. I actually said 'ease up' on one stretch and he said 'meh, it's titanium now. You're good.'  He was right. There's no pain in the hip, we are just stretching muscles that aren't used to being stretched. 

5). This is a new thing for lefty!

6). Deepest wall ball squats ever.  Athletic therapist came to check on me in the gym and told me to go further to the floor. I verbally protested in the most polite way possible (😜) but did it. Holy shit did I ever surprise myself.  I swear I thought I would end up on the floor and get stuck.... I was gently reminded that I could just roll over and get up if that happened. See? He gives me the push I need. 

7). I used the treadmill for the first time since before surgery and it felt awesome. I figured that since I generally walk for a good half hour each day, and it was chilly, I may as well use the treadmill too.  I can work on a longer stride and just focus on walking. 

8). It was a hot tub day! I rewarded myself with a good old Canadian style hot tub soak! Canadian style?
A swim suit and a toque on a snow covered day!

Stay warm and keep moving! 

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