Monday, November 2, 2015

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Being sick sucks at the best of times but it sucks even more when you are recovering from major surgery. Your body is already working hard to repair itself but wait, let's throw in a cold virus too! Don't get me wrong, I love to nap, but I also want to get out and get my walks in and keep this hip moving! 
Here's the biggest problem when sickness strikes post hip replacement.... If it morphs into an infection of any kind, it can also infect your prosthetic hip. Infections can travel via the blood stream and since my hip is healing, extra blood is circulating there, the infection can actually collect around the prosthetic and infect the bone that is supporting it.... Holy. Shit.  

Two Fridays ago. I woke up with a cold. I was so paranoid, I called the doctor, and went to have it checked out. He was so good about not making feel stupid for calling him over a cold. He checked me out and sent me on my way with the knowledge that he was on call that weekend should things get worse. 

Last Friday I woke up and could not hear out of my right ear. There was also intense pressure and pain in the right ear. Soooooo, I definitely called the doctor again and this time, he said my ear was gross and full of puss.... Yuck! 

I have been on antibiotics ever since. The most ginormous pills. Ever.  That's my one step back.  

I have also been napping more and whining about my ear....the boys love that.... My only issue now is my paranoia about the hip and infection. Every time I feel a twinge of pain (just regular post surgical stuff) I panic....

Now for my 2 steps forward: On the awesome side of things, I have been walking 1 km, 2 times day! Still using the crutches on those long walks, a choice supported by the Athletic therapist! Especially since it has been raining making everything wet and slick. Around the house I use the cane or I just hobble! 

Today's session at athletic therapy felt good. Really good. I squirm lots, and complain about the massage, but have you ever has scar tissue worked on? Scar tissue needs to be broken down and it hurts. I also worry about moving my new hip too much but seriously, some of these muscles haven't moved that way in years! A proper hamstring stretch where my leg actually goes the way it is supposed to is huge! I still get suprised when I see my left leg doing what it was meant to.... I think my athletic therapist gets a kick out of that. I know I do!


  1. Hope you get your immune system working again soon.

    Did he also give you probiotics to at least try and help with the damage that occurs from the use of antibiotics?

  2. Good idea Ivy, he didn't give me any probiotics, but I do have some here. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Sure thing, Cookie. Us healing girls gotta stick together. And sadly, all to often, doctors give out antibiotics like it's Halloween, with no recovery system in place (probiotics and prebiotics). It amazes me, really.

    Feel better soon. Hang in there. I know it's a rough gig right now.


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