Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mo Power To You!!

This morning while I was 'slaving' away to make those tasty buns (which by the way went to my lovely neighbours for not only lending us their lawn mower when ours stopped working but will also fix our lawn mower for us...we also bought them beer!), my dear sweet hubby went to the store.  When he returned from running his errands (aka buying beer for the neighbours) he also brought in a brand new KitchenAid professional series 5 stand mixer!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it!  I showed him a flyer the other day which had the stand mixer on sale and joked about upsizing.  Now don't get me wrong, I was rocking the red Hamiton Beach model just fine but with my penchant for doubling recipes, this one is SWEET!!!  I always wished for an extra bowl for the old model but now perhaps I can just work with 2 mixers??? I am giddy with kitchen power!  I made another batch of the honey seeded buns, a batch of pumpkin spice cupcakes (which will need icing), and a pie crust dough (which will need a pumpkin pie filling).  That is what it means when I say giddy, nay drunk with kitchen power!!
This new member of my kitchen famliy needs a name, any suggestions?

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